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We help you run your own corner of the internet.
Don't worry about updates, security, privacy or other technical jargon.

ONCE Campfire managed hosting

Need reliable, secure and worry-free managed hosting for Campfire? We've got you!

We handle:

  • the servers, networking, firewalls
  • the software itself and it's updates
  • operating system and software updates
  • monitoring the server and keeping things running
  • helping you connect your domain (for example

Sit back and relax, we'll handle the rest.


Up to 250 concurrent users*

20 € monthly

240 € annually


Up to 1 000 concurrent users*

50 € monthly

600 € annually


Up to 10 000 concurrent users*

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* User count based on system requirements provided by ONCE.
We have no user limits. All prices are excluding taxes.

You pay ONCE for the software, and monthly to us to keep it safe and running. Sounds like a good deal?

Even if you aren't satisfied with our service, you own the software! You can freely go use any other managed hosting provider or even self-host if you wan't to handle all that we mentioned above. We don't vendor-lock and you own your own data, it's part of the fun! vs Slack pricing calculator

Want to know how much you can save by choosing Campfire software and Use this calculator!

Select a Slack plan:
Pay monthly or annually?

You could save 470 € on your first year and 750 € annually after that.

Slack costs 83 € monthly and 990 € annually.

Meanwhile, would cost you only 20 € monthly and annually 240 € for you.
The first year would cost a total of 520 € including license cost (299 USD = about 280 €).

Other services coming soon! Interested? Send me an email at [email protected] and let's find something that works for you. is not associated with 37signals or the ONCE product line.
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